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how to roll a blunt
Cannabis 101

How to roll a blunt

Carolyn BerkNovember 13, 2019

When just a joint won't do, take your cannabis consumption to the next level by rolling a blunt! It's much easier than it looks to smoke weed via a hollowed-out cigar, and the added buzz and flavor from the cigar or cigarillo wrapper makes it worth the extra bit of effort. As many seasoned smokers will tell you, there's little more satisfying than taking a hit from a well-rolled blunt and admiring your own handiwork. While there are plenty of tricks and alternative strategies out there to crafting the perfect blunt, read on for basic instructions to build a blunt that would make Snoop Dogg proud!

Pre-rolled cigar or cigar/cigarillo wrapper?

The material you use for you blunt is entirely up to you. When first starting out, it may be easier to start with a pre-rolled tobacco-leaf cigar that you can find at any local convenience store or smoke shop (popular brands include Backwoods, Dutch Masters, and Phillies). Using just cigar or cigarillo wrappers is also an option. Many stores now sell these wrappers on their own, and they are frequently available in different flavors, ranging in everything from mango to mint. It's also easy to find wrappers made out of hemp, if you prefer smoking that instead of tobacco. To find out which blunt wrapper is best for you, try 'em all! It can usually take some trial and error to not just master to blunt roll, but also discover the perfect strain and blunt paper combination for you.

Materials needed to roll a blunt:

  • Ground-up marijuana (amount will depend based on type and size of paper)
  • A cigar or cigar/cigarillo wrappers
  • A lighter
  • A pocket knife or other small blade (optional)

Step by step instructions for how to roll a blunt

1. Split the cigar
If you chose to use a pre-rolled cigar for your blunt, you'll first need to do a little dissecting. Use a pocket knife or small blade to carefully slice lengthwise through one side of the cigar. If you don't have a knife, or are just extremely confident in the strength of your fingers, you can also split the cigar down the middle with your hands. To make sure you don't overzealously rip or mangled the wrapper, gently open the layer of wrapper it as if it was a tiny book. Once the cigar wrapper is split, remove all the tobacco inside. You can discard the tobacco, or put it aside to use it to use in a spliff.

2. Wet the wrap
Once you've opened and hollowed out the cigar, or if you are starting out with just a wrapper, it's time to make it more pliable. By lightly moistening one side of the wrapper, you'll make it much more easy to shape, roll, and seal your blunt. You can rub your tongue along the paper as if you were licking a stamp. Or if you prefer, you can always wet your finger tip with clean water to help make the wrapper slightly moist.

3. Add in the weed
Now that the wrapper has been moistened, it's ready to be loaded with the most important ingredient: marijuana! Like filling and rolling a delicious burrito, it's easy to overzealously add weed and then struggle to roll it while keeping everything inside. Avoid this tragedy by holding the wrapper in a U-shape with your fingers and gently sprinkle about 1-2 grams of finely-ground flower inside. Make sure that you evenly distribute the grinds, since this will make your blunt easier to roll and help it burn evenly. Once you gain more blunt rolling experience, you'll be able to pack larger amounts into each one.

4. Roll
Much like rolling a joint, gently roll and compress the weed inside the wrapper until it is evenly packed and shaped. Also like a joint, you can seal your blunt by rolling the bottom edge of the paper upward so that it tucks under the top piece of paper. Then, lick the top edge of the paper before pressing it down, smoothing it evenly by running your finger up and down the seam.

5. Heat it up
Your blunt is nearly ready to be blazed! All that's left to do is close it up tightly through a simple “baking" technique. Using your lighter, run a flame along the exterior of the blunt, keeping the flame close, but not too close. You're not doing this to actually light the joint, but to cook and dry out the moisture you added to the wrapper earlier, and to seal the blunt paper together. Keep the flame moving back and forth along the length of your blunt for a minute or two to avoid scorching or igniting the tobacco leaf - you'll be doing plenty of that once you're actually smoking the blunt. Speaking of which, after this step is complete it's time to…

6. Enjoy your blunt!

Carolyn Berk Lantern Author 
Carolyn Berk
Carolyn Berk got her start working in both radio and TV before applying her journalism skills to the cannabis industry. She is currently a content marketer and an active member of the New England cannabis community.