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how to pick a cannabis pipe
Cannabis 101

How to pick out the perfect cannabis pipe

Karah KidgerNovember 6, 2019

So many pipes, so little time. 

Choosing an ideal cannabis pipe can seem tricky with all of the options on the market, but we're here to help make finding “the one" fun and easy. There's nothing like a smooth hit out of a fresh piece. 

After all, a good bowl is like a good friend: always there to help you out. So, when picking out a new pipe, consider these guidelines to help you find the perfect hit.

Step by Step Guide To Buying the Perfect Cannabis Pipe

1. What's your pipe type? 

Do you want a dry pipe or a water pipe? A hand pipe or a chillum? If you're planning to light up on the go, a chillum or one hitter can be super handy. If you plan to spend the afternoon binging Netflix on the couch, a water pipe like a bubbler or bong might be your best companion. 

Looking to keep it versatile and ready on-the-go? The traditional hand pipe won't disappoint and is something every smoker should own whether you're just getting into cannabis, you're an occasional toker, or you've been smoking longer than Willie Nelson.

2. Assess the size of the bowl. 

Bigger isn't always better. Smaller bowls usually make for fresher hits. Just make sure that the hole isn't too big, or you'll end up eating some charred flower when you smoke it. Yuck! If you have a bowl with a large hole, look for screens to help keep things clean. 

3. Find a mouthpiece that doesn't suck. 

Smaller mouthpieces make for difficult cleaning and frequent clogging. Keep your hits nice and smooth by opting for a wide, slightly flat mouthpiece. Heavier weed pipes are more durable. 

Choosing a piece with thick glass is always a good idea. Thick glass can help prevent your bowl from shattering if you drop it (which you probably will someday). So do yourself a favor and choose a heavy, thick pipe that will last. Check out local glassblowers and other high-quality glass pieces on Lantern.

4. Feel out the carb. 

The carb is a hole that allows you to control air flow and the size of your hit. Set yourself up for success by selecting a carb that is a bit larger, making it easier to clean. A clean weed pipe makes for tastier hits, and who wouldn't want that? Plus, a large carb lets more air in, stoking that hit you're breathing in. Yum!

Now that you know what you're looking for, it's time to browse your options. Once you've found the perfect weed pipe, you can thank us by breaking it in. So grab your favorite bud, throw it in your grinder, pack up that brand new bowl and light it up. Happy toking!

Karah Kidger
Raised by the ocean, refined by the mountains. Fueled by Mother Nature and laughter. What makes me happy: loved ones, skiing, cannabis, music, hiking, art, waves, adventures, paddling, the written word, a stiff drink, exploring.