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strains for anxiety management

The 5 best strains to ease anxiety 

Carolyn BerkMay 28, 2021

You're not alone if you feel nervous about returning to crowds and social activities that were prevented by the coronavirus. After a long year of social distancing, it's only natural to simultaneously feel anxious about getting back to the same group activities you've missed throughout the pandemic.

If you feel uncertain about stepping back into society, marijuana may be able to help. Even if you're not a fan of being high in public, there are still strains that can provide the peace of mind needed to relax and reduce any worrying. 

Discover the strains that are most popular for helping people feel social, talkative, and comfortable in public or in a crowd. 

  1. Enjoy live music with Frosted Flakes

Put away the milk and spoon, because you'll need a different kind of bowl to savor these Frosted Flakes!

This sweet hybrid strain is quickly becoming a favorite among consumers looking to add a bolt of energy and joy to their day. People who try Frosted Flakes report feeling a rush of uplifting euphoria that gradually morphs into a relaxing body buzz.

Like the joy of pouring yourself a bowl of your favorite childhood cereal, the hybrid Frosted Flakes is known for delivering euphoric and energetic vibes. This uplifting mix gradually morphs into a mindset that is focused, creative, and sociable to boot. Don't be surprised if Frosted Flakes has you chatty and grooving out like you haven't skipped a beat. 

Frosted Flakes also has a reputation for assisting with aches and muscle tension. People who have tried this strain report that it gave them a body buzz and tingly sensations that helped them with pain management - perfect for spending hours on your feet jamming, dancing and rediscovering the fun of live music. 

  1. Invite Tropicana Cookies to dine out

Have you been craving to set foot in your favorite bar or restaurant? Why not feast on Tropicana Cookies before you return to your favorite watering hole? 

This sativa dominant strain washes away any existing anxiety or stress with a rush of euphoria and energy. People who have sampled Tropicana Cookies say it left them feeling giggly and talkative. In addition to mood elevation, Tropicana Cookies is also known for sparking an increased appetite. Don't be surprised if you find yourself craving a snack or something more after indulging Tropicana Cookies. 

Tropicana Cookies smells as good as you'd imagine: fruity and sweet like a frozen smoothie of sun-sweetened tangerines, mango and coconut. This citrusy sativa hybrid is known for its energetic high. It may have also acquired some medicinal properties from its Tangie heritage, making it popular among those looking to enhance their mood and relieve stress.

Tropicana Cookies is also known to elicit euphoric and giddy effects, indicative of its Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) origins, making it an excellent option for a night of salsa dancing!

  1. Get active with Blue Dream 

You'll feel far from blue after a taste of one of California's most popular and stimulating hybrid cannabis strains: Blue Dream.

A sought-after cross between the classic Blueberry and Haze strains can really pack a punch. Blue Dream is a perfect strain for creative teams up against a deadline, and for sharing in social settings and outdoor activities. Its sugar-dipped-berry flavor also makes it a go-to strain for making edibles. The Blue Dream effect can also be experienced in newer strains including the sweet and satisfying Cinderella's Dream, or Snoop's Dream.

This popular hybrid strain provides a jolt of energy that will have you whooshing past any unease to focus on rock climbing, basketball, or any other immersive sport. Aside from a sense of uplifting euphoria, people who rave about Blue Dream say it's their go-to strain for getting in an inspired, social, and talkative mood. Consume Blue Dream and you may find it easier than ever to get your head in the game!

Blue Dream is a great strain for anyone who is apprehensive about going to the gym, attending a yoga class, playing sports, or doing any physical activity that the pandemic has prevented. 

  1. Bring Biscotti when gathering with friends 

Whether it's a large party or you're reconnecting with an old friend one-on-one, any in-person socializing can seem daunting after a year of Zoom gatherings. Whatever the size of the group, the indica strain Biscotti can help evaporate any social anxiety. 

People who have tried Biscotti say it gave them a stoney and giggly feeling that had them choosing low-key activities like catching up with friends or firing up the grill. With its tasty and sweet aroma and flavor, Biscotti is both a crowd pleaser and a pleasant choice for stress-free socializing. 

Biscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its high THC content, sweet taste, and stoney effects. This is not the strain to reach for before a double shift or workout: Instead, with its GSC and GG4 lineage, Biscotti is a superb strain to have on hand for a chill afternoon where productivity and focus aren't required. Biscotti is also a foolproof accompaniment for an evening of giggles with friends watching classic stoner movies or other comedies.

  1. Choose Charlotte's Web when you don't want to be high

If you're looking to settle back into socializing but want to bypass the psychosis effect of weed, Charlotte's Web may be the strain for you. Originally bred to help a five-year-old girl suffering from regular seizures, this strain is designed to deliver the benefits of cannabis without the high. 

Although it contains a low amount of THC, Charlotte's Web is high in CBD, which provides all the benefits of cannabis without impacting your mental clarity. In fact, if you're unable to find Charlotte's Web at your local dispensary, ask your budtender about other CBD products that can provide the same calm and centering you may need while working, in class, or anywhere you want to feel more comfortable and social. 

Charlotte's Web is a CBD-rich hemp strain developed by Colorado breeders for a five-year-old girl suffering from a rare seizure disorder, Charlotte Figi. When her story was aired by CNN in 2013, it became the catalyst for the legalization of medical marijuana.

Today's Charlotte's Web contains about 0.5% THC and 17% CBD. The strain's availability can be scarce, as seeds are not sold directly by The Stanley Brothers. Luckily, other CBD-rich strains such as Cannatonic and Harlequin have since become available to purchase through many seed companies.

Carolyn Berk Lantern Author 
Carolyn Berk
Carolyn Berk got her start working in both radio and TV before applying her journalism skills to the cannabis industry. She is currently a content marketer and an active member of the New England cannabis community.