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7 strains with mood-boosting benefits 

Carolyn BerkJune 4, 2021

They say happiness comes from within, but we all know it can be a bit more complicated than that, considering the thousands of research studies, books, and college classes dedicated to it. 

The pursuit of happiness may be among our fundamental rights, but thanks to cannabis (and science) finding your bliss just became a whole lot easier. Research studies have indicated that certain cannabis strains can have mood-boosting effects and that  cannabis can significantly reduce short-term levels of depression, anxiety and stress. 

Researchers found that:

  • One puff of cannabis high in CBD and low in THC was optimal for reducing symptoms of depression.
  • Two puffs of any type of cannabis was sufficient to reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  • 10 or more puffs of cannabis high in CBD and high in THC produced the largest reductions in stress.

It's important to note that how cannabis affects you will be determined by your own biology. But where to start and what to look for? Sativas and sativa-dominant strains are known for their energizing and uplifting effects. As the study also suggests, look for cannabis strains and products balanced with CBD to reduce feelings of stress, which can increase your overall feelings of wellbeing. 

Your pursuit of happiness may just be a few puffs away with these seven strains.  

  1. Cherry Pie

If your idea of happiness is the calming bliss of your favorite comfort food with a tart jolt of inspiration, then the hybrid strain Cherry Pie may be your cup of tea!  

This cross between the indica Grandaddy Purp and the sativa Durban Poison combines the best characteristics of both popular strains for both relaxed mind and body. Many who try Cherry Pie report feeling warm ease and full-body relaxation. But they also report a focused feeling that can be perfect for working on creative projects.

  1. Bootylicious  

If there's anyone who knows how to make lemonade out of life's lemons, it's Queen Bey herself. Take a break from daily doldrums to enjoy this hybrid strain named after Beyonce's 2002 hit with Destiny's Child.  

Do you think you're ready for Bootylicious?

The benefits of Bootylicious are longer than the list of former members of Destiny's Child. Users say they fall crazy in love for Bootylicious because it gives them a body high that also makes them feel happy and creative. It's also reported to leave users feeling relaxed yet alert, with enough energy to keep you jumpin' jumpin' and ready to run the world all night.

  1. Black Jack 

Struggling to slog through a dreary day? Then you're making a good bet by sampling the well-balanced hybrid strain Black Jack, which is known for dealing out energy and zeal. 

Just like the card game, the Black Jack strain of cannabis 'hits the spot' with its grapefruit, earthy aromas and uplifting buzz. It is known to hit heavy yet smooth, inducing a balanced effect with a light body high that still leaves room for motivation and won't leave you completely couch-locked. 

  1. Headband 

Turn cabin fever into creative furor with Headband. Enjoy this strain for cozy and restorative vibes when summer rains have you trapped inside. 

Headband may be a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but its trippy nature makes it suited for toning down the vibe with an exhilarating rush of cerebral relaxation. Cannabis users who try Headband report feelings of weightless fogginess that left them euphoric and chilled out. Some people also say this strain provides them focus and energy when they're running low on both towards the end of a busy day.

  1. Purple Haze

Whether you need a bolt of energy before tackling chores, or you're ready to crank up the volume on a weekend hike, you'll want to have the strain Purple Haze on hand. 

With a high-energy punch that kicks things off at 11 and only gets louder from there, it's no wonder why the Sativa strain Purple Haze shares a name with Jimi Hendrix's guitar classic. Like the first verses of the song, this strain is known for hitting users with a power chord of uplifting vibrance and euphoria.

  1. XJ-13 

Sometimes it takes more than a few cups of coffee to find motivation on those cold, dark mornings when you're longing to shuffle back to bed. If you're struggling to get through a rough start, XJ-13 can help you find vigor and vivacity. 

XJ-13 is a punchy sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain developed through the cross-breeding of award-winning sativa Jack Herer and indica hybrid G13 Haze. Due to the strong potency of its parent strains XJ-13 can be quite the powerhouse with a 28% THC content. This is not a flower for the novice consumer but certainly worthy of placement at the top of your strain bucket list!

  1. Citrix

If sativas tend to make you feel buzzy or anxious, the strain Citrix may be the perfect way to inspire your glee without overwhelming you. 


If you are seeking a clear-minded “anytime" hybrid that's great for lifting the blues, Citrix is a great choice. It's a sativa-dominant hybrid conceived by Colorado breeders Reserva Privada – famous for their beloved Headband and Strawberry Banana varieties.

Carolyn Berk Lantern Author 
Carolyn Berk
Carolyn Berk got her start working in both radio and TV before applying her journalism skills to the cannabis industry. She is currently a content marketer and an active member of the New England cannabis community.