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Marijuana seeds
Cannabis 101
What are marijuana seeds?
Vernon FlemingFebruary 2, 2020

With legalization spreading like wildfire through the US and many states allowing home cultivation, many people are wondering how they can grow their own marijuana. But, where does a new grower start? Where can we buy seeds?

A great place to start is by understanding the different types of marijuana seeds that exist: auto-flowering and photoperiod seeds. The right seed for you will depend on your growing method and cultivation setup… and of course your skills in the garden!

It's About Having A Green Thumb

Auto-flowering does not need the 12-hour cycle of sunlight that many other seeds require. Auto-flowering seeds flower after a period of 3 months and their bud is usually less potent than that of the photoperiod seeds. Since auto-flowering plants only grow to about 1-4ft in height they make an excellent choice for the discrete home grower. If you are looking for some of the more potent strains of auto-flowering seeds, check out Amnesia Haze Automatic, which contains about 18% THC, or Royal Gorilla Automatic, which can reach about 20% THC.

Photoperiod seeds, like their name implies, rely on the 12-hour day-night cycle, which allows cultivators and home growers to more easily control the flowering process. Photoperiod seeds will on average be ready for harvest after about 4 months. Unlike auto-flowering seeds, which can be harder to control, photoperiod seeds are more forgiving of the tiny mistakes many novice cultivators make during their growing process. Some notable photoperiod seeds that produce up to 22% THC are Chemdawg and Cinderella 99 hybrids.

Keep it dark, dry and cool

If you've obtained some seeds but aren't ready to grow yet, or maybe have some leftover seeds from your harvest or an old bag, you may be wondering: “How will I store these for future use?" Since cannabis seeds have a long life span, they can be used for cultivation years after your original grow cycle. Remember three things when storing your seeds: stay dark, stay dry, stay cool.

Putting your seeds in an airtight container with a desiccant bag and placing it in the fridge is a safe bet, but make sure your refrigerator isn't frequently opened as this can drastically change the inside temperature. However you store your seeds, just remember that freezing seeds is not recommended as it could overdry and damage the seeds. And always keep your seeds out of direct sunlight.

Now that you've learned a little more about where to start on your cultivation journey, it's up to you to see how tall you'll grow.

Vernon Fleming
Vernon Fleming
Vernon Fleming of South Side Consulting is a Chicago native who enjoys a good smoke over talks on the local cannabis industry.