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For fans of a potent smoke, moon rocks combine marijuana flower, hash oil and kief into a pretty little package that can take consumers to an out-of-this-world state of complete relaxation. Often referred to as "weed caviar," moon rocks are becoming increasingly popular on dispensary shelves, but are not recommended for first-time or infrequent cannabis consumers not looking to – or not prepared to – get totally spaced out. We're talking about a big punch of THC packed into one nug for dab-like effects without the torch.
While THC levels and effects will vary based on the strains used, moon rocks boast, on average, a 50% THC level best left to experienced smokers.

Where do marijuana moon rocks come from?

Spoiler alert: Marijuana moon rocks are made by the loving hands of humans right here on earth. And credit goes to hip hop artist Dr. Zodiak and Tha Dogg Pound alumni and former Death Row Records executive vice president, Kurupt for inventing them when collaborating on their Moon Rocks Project in 2013. which popularized their potent new smoking innovation. Today, Dr. Zodiak offers a full line of Moonrock brand of flower, moon rocks, concentrates and vape pens made from “the best bud in the galaxy" through his company Dr. Zodiak's Moonrocks.

How to make marijuana moon rocks

When made with high-quality materials, moon rocks can be expensive at a dispensary. Luckily, you don't need a spaceship or degree in astrophysics to make them at home. Instead, all you need are some ingredients readily accessible at any dispensary and a couple tools from your kitchen and medicine cabinet:

  • Nugget of your favorite marijuana strain
  • Hash oil or honey oil
  • Kief
  • Tweezers
  • Small pastry brush
  • Drying rack or tray lined with parchment paper

Step 1: Pick up the nugget with your tweezers in one hand
Step 2: Use a pastry brush in your other hand to carefully and completely cover the bud with hash oi
Step 3: While still sticky, sprinkle the bud with kief
Step 4: Set aside to dry thoroughly on parchment paper

You can also double- or triple-up on the hash oil by applying a second layer of hash oil after letting the first application sink in for a few minutes. If the bud isn't sticky, the kief won't adhere. Once the kief is perfectly painted onto the bud, let it dry on a clean pastry cooling rack or other tray lined with parchment paper so it won't stick.

Pro tip: Get creative by trying different combinations of strains and terpene profiles into your homemade moon rocks!

How to smoke marijuana moon rocks

Special things often require special attention, and moon rocks are no exception. The first rule of smoking moon rocks is to handle them with care, and that means no grinders. Instead, use a knife to carefully break your moon rocks up for use in a pipe, bong or hash bowl.

Smoker beware: All of this goodness can produce a pretty harsh smoke, so be prepared with a nice glass of water and a comfy place to sit back and relax should things get rough when smoking moon rocks.