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Lantern On-demand Boston Delivery

Lantern offers a new way to get weed delivered in Boston

LanternMarch 1, 2022

This Boston-area service offers quality cannabis delivered right to your door.

It's a new year and a new world for cannabis users in the Boston area. Getting high-quality cannabis delivered right to your door is no longer a pipe dream. Lantern, the new cannabis delivery service now available across the greater Boston area, combines customer-first service, convenient at-home shopping from a wide variety of quality cannabis products, and easy delivery. Gone are the days of venturing into the elements or wondering which products fit your needs. Lantern makes it easy for any cannabis consumer to discover which products work for them with the perks of scheduled, free delivery.

 Lantern is unique because it serves customers first. Their online shopping experience is sorted by product, which allows you to shop for cannabis based on what you want from a variety of dispensaries simultaneously. Whatever effect you're looking for – creativity, pain relief, better sleep, or a happy high – you can find the highest quality products to match your needs. With Lantern, delivery is easy, convenient, and best of all, free same-day delivery.

How to Get Lantern Cannabis Delivery in 3 Easy Steps:

Step One: Enter your home address

Lantern can only deliver to your home address. No hotels, dorms, or commercial addresses.

Step Two: Shop its product-first marketplace

Lantern's game-changing marketplace allows you to shop by product from five different recreational dispensaries and two medical dispensaries simultaneously. Say goodbye to confusing and clunky shopping, where products are often changing or out-of-stock. Lantern's marketplace is neatly searched by flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, topicals, and accessories. Shopping is as simple as picking what you want, adding to your cart, and going through checkout where you'll be asked to verify and scan your ID, choose your payment method (cash or debit), and choose a delivery window that works your schedule.  

Step Three: Sit back and relax

As your delivery window approaches, you'll receive a notification when your order is five to 15 minutes away, so you don't have to worry you'll miss your delivery. Delivery is performed by a third-party service and regulations state that cannabis delivery service people must work in pairs and wear body cams, so don't be surprised if two people are at your door with your weed. Once you've shown your ID and payment is made, enjoy your cannabis!

Lantern's top picks right now

Lantern knows accessibility matters. Easy delivery is opening the wonderful world of cannabis to anyone 21 and older. Whether you're new to cannabis or just new to Lantern, here are some of Lantern's best-selling products.


With knowledge comes feeling empowered to make the right choice. With free delivery comes convenience. Lantern cannabis delivery combines both on their customer-firm platform. Check now to see if Lantern delivers to your neighborhood and start getting quality cannabis delivered right to your door in three easy steps.

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