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“I’m too high.” Here’s how to come down

LanternOctober 26, 2022

Feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortably high after consuming? Don’t stress; you’re not alone. It’s common to miscalculate dosage, especially if you’re exploring new strains + products or the world of weed for the first time. Everybody's chemistry is unique, so expect varying THC tolerances + reactions to the same weed.

‘Highs’ can last anywhere from one to three hours, but the length of time you feel it depends on the product, its potency, + your own body. But don’t fret: We’ve got five ways to ground your mind + decrease the high you’re feeling. Try these tips + you’ll be on the path to feeling less high.

1. CBD

CBD isn’t just a way to harness chill vibes sans THC. This cannabinoid is also proven to lessen the effects of anxiety. (TIP: Try CBD’s effectiveness by getting products with a CBD:THC ratio.) THC is known for producing weed’s high in the first place, but the two need to work together to be effective.

CBD comes in many forms, + all can be helpful when you’re feeling the effects of weed a bit too much:

  • Vaporizing is a discrete and scent-free way to experience CBD. Like some THC vapes, these may include tranquil terpenes. 
  • Tinctures make it easy to determine your dosage. You can consume it by simply holding it under your tongue. Another option is adding it to beverages or foods like smoothies, ice cream, sauces, and soup. 
  • Edibles instead of adding tincture to food on your own, you can find edibles that are infused with CBD. Try CBD beverages, gummies, or capsules.  

2. Terpenes in your kitchen

Terpenes are the compounds that give each strain of weed its unique flavor + aroma. They're also found in the makeup of many other plants, including much of the food in your kitchen (!!).

Some terpenes can help promote clear-headedness + help you control your high:

  • Peppercorns: Getting a good whiff of pepper may make you sneeze, but it’s also scientifically proven to counteract the feeling of being high.  
  • Citrus: The terpene limonene is known for helping people reduce anxiety. Enjoy an orange, lemon, or other citrus fruit. Try food that contains other calming terpenes, like caryophyllene (oregano, cloves, + rosemary) or pinene (dill, parsley, + basil). 
  • Hydrate: It’s a good idea to have a beverage handy, regardless. But some people claim their brains can jolt back to normalcy with brightly flavored drinks like ginger ale, Sprite, or flavored seltzer. Just make sure to avoid caffeine since it will only increase buzzy vibes.

3. Turn to mindfulness techniques

Practicing mindfulness is an effective way to tap into tranquility (whether you’re high or just need to relax your mind). If you’re feeling anxious or paranoid, try these simple mindfulness exercises:

  • Breathwork: Slowly inhale, exhale, + repeat. You’ll gradually feel at ease. If you need a hand getting into it, listen to one of these recordings or try to match your breathing to a GIF like this.
  • Yoga + meditation: No surprise that these serene activities can also give you peace of mind while high. If you haven’t tried, they may be easier to get into when you’re in a stoned state. 
  • Lay down: Make yourself a comfy nest: couch, bed, or recline somewhere familiar. If you fall asleep, even better (!!). A nap is a great way to drift off until your brain returns to feeling normal.

4. Find a chill distraction

To change a vibe, sometimes, all you need to do is focus on something external. Occupy your mind with any low-key activity that makes you smile.

  • Take a bath or shower: It can help crack through sleepy grogginess. The same is true when you’re high. Kick it up a notch with scented bath salts or shower bombs that contain soothing lavender or the sharp aroma of pine.  
  • Revisit your favorites: Comfort shows, movies, music, + games you love can be even more enjoyable while high. They’ll already be familiar, which can assist with putting your mind at ease. Try watching light-hearted cartoons + comedies, playing a laid-back video game, or putting your favorite album or artist on repeat. 
  • Socialize: Chat with a trusted friend who won’t judge you + keep your conversation light. Fur friends count as well, so now’s the time to have a cuddle sesh with your pet.

5. Go outside

A change of scenery can help readjust your mindset. Stretching + feeling the fresh air on your face can do wonders, from leveling out your high to inspiring a better overall mood. 

  • Get moving: You may not feel like intense exercise, but even a short stroll can eliminate jumpy, excess energy. At the very least, it’s a good way to get out of your head and take in your surroundings. 
  • Embrace nature: Studies say that even just viewing pictures of nature can trigger positive psychological effects. Go somewhere you can be near trees + plants, observe animals, or just appreciate the scenery wherever you are. 
  • Avoid crowds: Being around strangers in a crowded space can elevate nervous reactions, so try to stay away from anywhere too public. If avoiding other people isn’t an option, don’t panic. Contrary to what your paranoia may be telling you, it’s most likely that no one will know or even care.

Tips for controlling future highs

There are ways to ensure your next high is less overwhelming. Try some of these products so you can measure + manage your high correctly. 

  • Low-dose products: Products with lower amounts of THC means you have more flexibility in controlling your dose. Try flower with a THC percentage on the lower end of the spectrum, or look for bud between 11%-16% THC. 
  • Infused beverages: Seltzer, tonics, juice + other drinks with THC are all the rage right now. Typically these beverages average around 1-5mg, so they’re easier to measure. People usually feel the effects of drinks faster than edibles, so you don’t have to wait long to determine if you should consume more. 
  • Sublingual edibles: Many dispensaries carry infused products that dissolve in your mouth, like mints, lozenges, or hard candy. Because they’re absorbed by the blood vessels in your mouth, you’ll likely feel the effects much quicker. The dosage is also clearly labeled on these, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect amount of THC for your body. 

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