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Sativa Tincture Edibles Tinctures

Sativa Tincture

4.5(2 Reviews)

Sativa Tincture

THC Full Spectrum Extract Tincture Ingredients: MCT oil, cannabis extract Allergens: N/A 15 ml: THC - 11.13mg per 1ml serving, 166.95mg per bottle CBD - 0.23mg per 1ml serving, 3.45mg per bottle THC - 11.13mg per 1ml serving, 333.9mg per bottle CBD - 0.23mg per 1ml serving, 6.9mg per bottle What are tinctures? Cannabis tinctures are alcohol or oil-based cannabis extracts that are administered orally or sublingually via a dropper. Tinctures are generally high in potency and are intended to give consumers a sugar-free, gluten-free, inhalation-free cannabis experience. How to consume? Use the dropper and follow the recommended dosage in the packaging to apply directly under your tongue; some people also use the dropper to add drops to their food or beverage, but sublingual application will help your body feel results faster. Sanctuary provides the finest grade cannabis. Our products are organically produced and laboratory tested for safety, potency, and consistency and are distributed exclusively throughout our locations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

4.5(2 Reviews)
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