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Golden Goat Terp Sugar Concentrate Sugar

Golden Goat Terp Sugar


Golden Goat Terp Sugar

Golden Goat Terp Sugar Golden Goat is derived from Hawaiian- Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk that produces sour, sweet, and spicy flavors and aromas. Consumers can expect a full-body high with a burst of a cerebral rush, perfect for anyone aiming to be creative or enjoy the day. When it comes to sativa-dominant strains, there’s a good reason weed fans call Golden Goat the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). What are the common effects? Most consumers reported feeling energetic, happy, and uplifted Sugar is among one of the many extract textures that can be made that has the consistency of ‘sugar’. It is known for its vicious, grainy, and wet quality providing a high terpene profile. Sugar is ideal for dabbing (no, not like what all the cool internet kids are doing). Using the dab rig's "nail", heat the sugar. Once the nail is hot, insert it in the dab rig, inhale deeply, and enjoy the flavor. Extraordinary cannabis grown in a state-of-the-art cultivation facility, with the highest quality, standards and consistency. UBaked’s purpose-built, state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility began production in 2019. Through superior quality and high standards of integrity, UBaked sets itself apart from the rest in the industry. Environmental sustainability is an important aspect of our process. Less energy and water are consumed compared to traditional indoor grow methods through the use of industry-leading energy-efficient equipment and grow techniques.

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