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Great strains for feeling grateful this Thanksgiving

Carolyn BerkNovember 24, 2021

Thanksgiving is for more than stuffing your face with food. It's also about taking time to appreciate the people and things in your life that you value.

Whatever you're thankful for this holiday, there's a canna-copia of strains that can help you feel more grateful!

Friends, family & loved ones

Gathering with loved ones - either in-person or digitally - is more important than ever. Nothing helps make a memory better than sharing stories and jokes over a delicious meal and tokes. 

There are strains all over the indica/sativa spectrum that can squash stress and spark social vibes, but generally sticking to sativa-leaning strains is best. These are just some of the strains that offer a gleeful, giggly high without the risk of being too spaced out to socialize. 


Thanksgiving is a time for happiness and celebration, but there are ways to mark the holiday without alcohol. If you'll be in the company of adult weed-welcoming friends, why not make room on the table for THC-infused edibles? Edibles can be as simple as sharing a gummy or chocolate, sipping a beverage or even enjoying an after-dinner mint. Just make sure to clearly label infused food and make sure everyone understands the edible essentials

However you consume, these strains are especially adept at brightening the mood so you can be gleeful in addition to grateful. 


It's no secret how wonderful it can be to pair weed with copious amounts of food. But some strains are particularly powerful at stimulating appetites, while others are known for heightening senses and elevating the entire dining experience.  

There are endless munchie-inspiring strains out there, but these fan favorites are a good place to start:


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get cozy! Whether you'll be at your own home or someone else's, there's nothing more delightful than stretching out in front of the fire or TV, or curling up on the couch in a delightful food coma.

If you truly want to bask in a comfortable couchlock, chillout strains leaning towards the indica side of the spectrum are usually the way to go. Just make sure to avoid strains so sedating that you'll start snoozing!  

Carolyn Berk Lantern Author 
Carolyn Berk
Carolyn Berk got her start working in both radio and TV before applying her journalism skills to the cannabis industry. She is currently a content marketer and an active member of the New England cannabis community.