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Tangie Strain Information

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Tangie Strain Information

Having wandered across the wide world of weed - in the states and beyond, I’ve yet to encounter a citrus variety sharing a terpene profile so close to its namesake. Tangie - a well-known, award-winning sativa-dominant jewel is the result of off crossing native California Orange with Skunk #1.

All the hype following Tangie is well earned. Visually, aromatically - but most prominently in its flavor. Tangie shares the same place in history as some of the most elite strains. There are an infinite number of strains referred to as energetic or uplifting strains. But other sativas like Durban Poison, Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel can’t touch the gift of Tangie.

Tangie’s fragrant buds seem to mimic that of tangerine and clementine with such accuracy, one could expect to find the strain in the produce aisle of a grocery store. Best paired with a vaporizer if you really want to taste those citrus high notes.

Tangie is part of what I would consider to be part of the first-generation citrus strains, opposed to this new generation shuffling in such as Citral Flo and Citral Glue.

The initial effects of Tangie are very similar to Super Lemon Haze’s sativa-heavy energy boost. The most distinct difference separating Tangie from a strain like Super Lemon Haze is Tangie's psychedelic second chapter. The second part of the high is filled with silly, abstract thoughts leading to some creative writing. Sounds become intensified as the Skunk begins to take over. The energy stoked at the front end of the high is now seamlessly drifting into something more relaxing.

Tangie’s appearance is that of classic sativa, with the added beauty of neon orange pistils, forcing you to squint your eyes as the orange pops against a light green canvas.

Of all citrus strains, Tangie’s terpene profile delivers a simple combination of nature’s candy, tangerines - with a light dusting of skunk dispersed throughout.

Energizing, creative, and delicious, Tangie’s sativa liftoff is a perfect choice for daytime productivity with some added laughs.
Sativa Dominant
Tangie is the creation of DNA Genetics - one of the most revered and respected breeders for decades. The strain took home ten awards at ten different Cannabis Cups over the course of ten months.