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Sativa Dominant
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About this strain
StarDawg is a sativa-dominant strain bred in the Bay Area by crossing ChemDawg 4 and the powerfully stimulating TresDawg. The result is a super-powered strain with THC percentages ranging anywhere from 16-22%.

Medical patents typically use StarDawg as an energy-boosting day strain to help gain momentum to run errands, or work.

StarDawg’s scent is very close to that of ChemDawg, as it emanates an overwhelming fuel-like odor best kept in a sealed container if looking to avoid filling a room with its musky, diesel-like punch. While StarDawg has an odor almost identical to ChemDawg, the difference is in the taste. Unlike Chemdawg or Sour Diesel, StarDawg’s taste is surprisingly sweet, with OG Kush-like earthy undertones, making it attractive to those seeking the uplifting ChemDawg effects without the harsh taste.

The only downside I have found with StarDawg is that it can be a bit anxiety-provoking due to its sativa genetics.

But, for diehard fans of ChemDawg, Sour Diesel, and other sativa-leaning “gas strains,” StarDawg is a champion of the ChemDawg lineage.
Black Pepper, Citrus, Pine