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Skywalker OG Strain Information

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Skywalker OG Strain Information

Not that long ago, in a cannabis garden far, far away on the west coast, Jedi Masters cultivated one of the universe’s most potent indica hybrids by crossing Dutch Passion’s Skywalker strain with legendary west coast king, OG Kush.

Upon consuming Skywalker OG, your mind may embark on a space mission -- all worries fading out as you slip into a starry meditative state. These are the OG Kush genetics delivering a cerebral boost…but don’t worry, its parent Skywalker strain will ensure your feet never leave the ground…or the couch. Overall, the effects of this strain are noticeably physical. As you begin to descend back into the arms of Skywalker OG’s indica lineage, you may feel like you’re wearing the weight of a stormtrooper suit as you fall into a restful sleep.

OG Kush’s tried-and-true pain relieving qualities really shine in Skywalker OG. As with all cannabis strains, however, effects will vary from person-to-person, and Skywalker’s subtle sativa lift can come with exacerbated symptoms if you suffer with anxiety. Even if you do not experience bouts of anxiety, you may want to hold off on smoking this variety directly before bed. It’s best to wait about an hour before sleep to give the cerebral effects enough time to settle down.

For patients, Skywalker OG is a go-to for appetite stimulation. So, prepare for a final battle scene between yourself and anything that’s edible. If you need to fight off the munchies, check out these tips in an article I wrote recently.

Skywalker OG has a spicy aroma and taste similar to diesel fuel. The buds are typically dense and light green. A sea of fiery red hairs are trapped in the thick wall of glimmering trichomes. With its rising popularity, we should expect to see many incarnations of Skywalker OG for light years to come.
Indica Dominant
Dutch Passion’s Skywalker was bred by crossing two of my favorite full on indica strains of all time: Blueberry and Mazar. Lucky for us, many characteristics from these two strains live on in their grandchild, Skywalker OG.