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Mendo Purps Strain Information

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Mendo Purps Strain Information

Mendocino County, California is the first piece of the “Emerald Triangle,” an area that’s been the epicenter for marijuana genetics since the late 1960s. Birthplace of the beloved purple varieties, Mendo Purps is a core member of this family.

One of the only true indicas in the mainstream marketplace, its precise lineage isn’t known, but likely derived from purple Afghani landraces often crossed with Skunk.

Named Strain of the Year at the 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup, Mendo Purps has everything you want from a purple strain - an indica relaxation that hits your body and causes giggles that make it difficult to stop smiling. There isn’t much of an uplift, just pure indica tranquility best suited for nighttime use.

After just a few hits, the feet begin to feel as though you’re walking through quicksand, each step heavier than the next. This dissatisfaction with having to get up from your comfy little spot can be a blessing given the level of munchies that is always just one Swedish Fish away from a total feeding frenzy.

Mendo Purps has the classic look of others in the same family - bright purple hues running through dark emerald green decorated with bright orange pistils and sugary trichomes. It’s truly an eye-catching jewel of the redwoods.

Typically dominant in the terpene myrcene, with secondary terpenes caryophyllene, pinene, and linalool, Mendo Purps has the aroma of sweet grape, dark berries, and a nuanced skunkiness. Its flavor runs parallel with its aroma, except for a more noticeable skunk aftertaste.
It’s no surprise that patients celebrate the insomnia relief felt after consuming Mendo Purps. With the ability to knock you down, the strain slows racing thoughts, allowing you to conquer any obstacles on the way to slumber.

If you’re looking for a true indica classic from the magnificent purple family of Northern California, Mendo Purps is a must try.
Indica Dominant
The exact lineage of Mendo Purps isn’t known, but most likely derived from purple Afghani landraces varieties, often crossed with Skunk in Northern California as early as the late 1960s. The widely popular strain took home wins in both the 2007 and 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup.