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Face Off OG Strain Information

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Face Off OG Strain Information

If you are looking for a potent indica hybrid that helps put your workday to rest without the rapid couchlock associated with pure indica strains, Face Off OG is a great match. One of the most potent of the sixteen OG Kush phenotypes, Face Off OG boasts a THC percentage between 20-23%.

Consider this strain a “twilight stimulant” best reserved for evenings once the most arduous tasks of the day are complete. The recessive, yet present sativa qualities of most OG Kush varieties manifest in a manner where creative focus like writing, painting, or playing music is easily accessible...and just as easily turned off for those seeking relaxation and sleep. This particular phenotype is also widely considered the most promising in offering relief from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Face Off OG’s buds are typically bright green colors and accented by amber hairs and a heavy coating of resinous trichomes. At first smell from the jar, Face Off OG is immediately identifiable as a member of the OG Kush family. When you grind up the buds, the nuances of the strain itself are released. Hints of sugary sweetness accent the trademark earthy and woody fragrance of OG Kush.
Indica Dominant
Said to have been an actual clone taken from the original OG Kush mother plant, it was acquired by California’s Archive Seeds, where they created more clones, strengthened the strain’s genetic through selectable breeding, and preserved its genes.
Face Off OG is a uniquely versatile cannabis strain with a name thought to be inspired by the 1997 film “Face Off” starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage (it actually precedes the film). The reference was most likely used in light-hearted jest, matching the personality of this indica-dominant, OG Kush phenotype.