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Chocolope Strain Information

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Chocolope Strain Information

Chocolope is one of the very few strains displaying a distinct chocolate and coffee flavor - a rare terpene profile within the entire cannabis stratosphere. Chocolope may seem like a new strain because of its ongoing strong presence - but the High Times Cannabis Cup-winning sativa hybrid first showed up three decades ago and remains one of the real classic strains still passing through generations.

The cross of landrace sativa Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze is very close to being a pure sativa, displaying no discernable indica effects. Chocolope is pure energy, similar to a strain like Durban Poison. Its effects are almost entirely contained within your head. It’s a productive, energetic strain, though mostly internal - making it great for creative focus and level-headedness for knocking some items off the to-do list. This is the ultimate day strain, but it’s 95/5 sativa dominance should be avoided if you are someone who experiences anxiety.

The Chocolate Thai lineage dominates the fragrance and flavor. Notes of coffee, chocolate and vanilla are topped off with a passing sweetness of blackberry.
There’s no definitive explanation why a cannabis strain would produce such a terpene profile. It’s been long suspected this flavor derived from its landrace parent through naturally-occurring mineral transfers from soil that was used to also grow coffee. Others argue terpene production may also be responsible for the flavor.
Sativa varieties tend to offer stronger pain relief than indica varieties, so patients have been turning to Chocolope as a natural medicine for chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and many other conditions.
Sativa Dominant
Cannalope Haze
Chocolate Thai
Chocolope was created by legendary Dutch breeders DNA Genetics, also responsible for a long list of the most popular strains on earth - including Tangie, Lemon Skunk, Skywalker Kush, and many other award winners. They are also the breeders of the Cannalope Haze parent. Their awards are impressive, including “High Times Strain of the Year 2007.”