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Chocolate Oranges
Indica Dominant
About this strain
Chocolate Oranges is a relatively new -- yet elusive -- addition to the mainstream cannabis retail market. Many cannabis connoisseurs hear “Chocolate” in the name, make assumptions about how it may taste, and they pass. But despite other descriptions of this strain suggesting overwhelming chocolate overtones, the orange citrus flavor that one might expect from a strain like Tangie is far more present. One explanation is that different taste buds simply interpret terpenes uniquely.

Chocolate Oranges is indica-dominant but won’t leave you stuck to the couch.

After about three hours, the pleasant comedown seamlessly introduces the indica genetics, allowing you to rest when you’re ready to call it a day. Be aware that this strain has been reported to test at high THC levels between 20-22%, and should generally be avoided by those just trying cannabis for the first time.

Chocolate Oranges lineage
Like many strains, the lineage of Chocolate Oranges is debated. Most agree that Mint Chocolate Chip is one parent strain, while the other parent generally varies between Orange Valley OG and OG Kush. While the name would suggest Orange Valley OG as the second half of the equation, the fact is, the two OG strains are so similar genetically that Chocolate Oranges would have ended up inheriting almost identical traits.

Chocolate Oranges grows medium size plants, slightly taller than traditional indicas, and is a heavy producer with about an 8-9-week flowering time.

If by luck you cross paths with Chocolate Oranges, I suggest giving it a try – I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.
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