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Black Mamba
Indica Dominant
About this strain
Black Mamba is a dark cannabis flower with dusk-colored leaves that -- like its venomous reptilian counterpart -- can pack a real punch both with its effects and pungent aroma when smoked. Black Mamba is known in the Hollywood area for its calming effects and the tendency to relieve anxiety.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Black Mamba is known to give a full-body high with a slight head rush that helps with insomnia, joint pains, and day to day stress. Though consuming this strain can give you some symptoms of dry eye, cottonmouth, and may cause a bit of drowsiness.

Due to Black Mamba’s pungent terpenes, it can give some earthy after-tones when being ground up and has a very prominent taste of grape when being consumed. When burned the smoke is very smooth and can leave a reminiscent red wine flavor profile on your tongue after exhaling.

Black Mamba upholds its bold name being an indica-based strain with a highly potent THC content. With an average THC content ranging around 25%, it’s herbal smell and grape-like profile has captivated many. Beware that Black Mamba’s highly pungent smoke brings new meaning to the term “loud pack”: This is not the flower for smokers looking to consume discreetly or alone since one whiff of Black Mamba can quickly attract new friends (or unwanted attention)!
Enjoyed with the following
      • Red Wine
        , Sweet, Fruity, Earthy