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Triangle Kush Strain Information

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Triangle Kush Strain Information

Triangle Kush’s buds are typically dark green with rust orange to amber-colored hairs, all encapsulated within a sparkling shell of resinous trichomes so thick, there’s no surprise it packs a very potent punch at around 24 to 26 percent THC.

Triangle Kush has a powerfully spicy taste, with a sour pine finish packed with a contrast of heavy lemon flavors. If you’re a fan of OG Kush and the “gasses” like Deadhead OG or Sour Diesel, this strain offers some of the most desirable nuances of those varieties.

Moments after inhale, an instant wave of relaxation blankets the body while abstract thoughts fuel the mind’s creativity, allowing your imagination to run wild. After about an hour, the strain’s indica dominance puts a halt to any stimulating cerebral effects and gives way to a very restful slumber.

Triangle Kush is perfect for use in relieving general body pain, especially in the back and head. It’s also reported to be an ideal strain for treating conditions such as migraines, glaucoma, muscle spasms and general inflammation. Because of its euphoric effects, this variety is often used to combat depression and elevate mood, often leading to an increase in appetite for patients and consumers suffering from nausea.
Indica Dominant
For the majority of cannabis enthusiasts, there is, and has only ever been, one cannabis triangle in the United States: Northern California’s “Emerald Triangle.” This epicenter of American cannabis cultivation comprises the area within Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties. On the opposite side of the country, there was a second triangle – but strict penalties surrounding cannabis kept it deep underground. Dubbed simply the “Triangle” by those privy to the southern cannabis market, it includes Florida’s top three areas for cannabis production: Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. As laws ease up, this increasingly lively scene is the birthplace of some superb hybrids – most notably, Triangle Kush. The complete lineage of Triangle Kush is unknown, but many claim its simply Florida’s phenotype of OG Kush. With a clear indica dominance, the genetics are believed to be somehow linked to Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai and Chemdawg. Heavily guarded by its breeders for many years, Triangle Kush remained completely elusive until obtained by Colorado’s Rare Dankness Seeds. With availability on the rise, the potent indica hybrid is finding its way onto cannabis menus across the country, and into the genetic make-up of offspring like Lee Roy and Rare Dankness #1.