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Sour Diesel Strain Information

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Sour Diesel Strain Information

The urban legend is that Sour Diesel, also known as “Sour D,” was created from a cross of strains bought at a Grateful Dead concert in the early 90s. While the legend lives on, many believe that Sour Diesel was created through the cross-breeding of hybrid strain Chemdawg 91 and the Super Skunk Indica strain. Despite its hybrid and Indica parents, Sour D is a Sativa strain that can simultaneously produce a euphoric head rush and delicate whole-body high. When used as a parent strain, Sour Diesel has been used to inspire award-winning strains like NYC Diesel and Sour Jack.

Sour D isn’t your average smokable flower. With an average THC content ranging around 22% it is sought by patients and recreational consumers alike for its ambrosia of earthy, sour lemon and dank gasoline to help relieve symptoms of stress, pain, fatigue, and depression. Despite its Indica roots, Sour Diesel can be a reliable daytime strain that will allow you to traverse the day with a euphoric feeling.

Smoking Sour D may cause dry eye and cottonmouth. And due to its pungent terpenes, it can taste a bit… sour. As well, the smell can linger for quite some time, so if you're going to spark before work or a major event, spray your clothes and hair with an odor eliminator like Ozium or Kushley to clear yourself of its pungent smell.

Sour D is a very pungent flower that grows best in dry, warm environments with low humidity. Sour D typically It can grow up to four feet tall and take anywhere from 10- 12 weeks to fully flower. Sour D isn’t the easiest strain to grow, but its high yield and potency make it a popular flower for skilled home growers.

As mentioned, due to Sour D’s pungent terpenes, it can taste a bit sour to most. It can also smell like diesel fuel! It has been known to have a very robust earthy flavor profile and can at times taste the same way it smells, like a tangy diesel-covered nug.
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