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GMO Cookies Strain Information

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GMO Cookies Strain Information

GMO Cookies (aka Garlic Cookies) is an incredibly potent indica-dominant hybrid with some very unique traits and mystery around its true lineage.

GMO Cookies’ odor is so identifiable, one whiff is enough to know if it’s been mislabeled. Commonly referred to as “Garlic Cookies”, GMO Cookies emits what countless enthusiasts perceive as a garlic aroma – but some find this to be a bit over exaggerated. It’s actually the combination of ChemDawg’s sour, fuel-like aroma and GSC’s earthy undertones which create this non-complementary array of odors. Some may describe GMO Cookies’ odor as more rubbery than garlicky.
Fortunately, odor is non-indicative of the taste with the GMO Cookies strain. One puff of a vaporizer is enough to know you are inhaling ChemDawg genetics - your palate will be hit with a sour blast almost identical to the parent strain.
GMO Cookies elevates your mood – and launches your mind into outer space. The cerebral and physical effects mimic ChemDawg much more than its GSC parent, though the GSC nuances are in there. Patients report GMO Cookies as an optimal choice for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, chronic fatigue, depression and chronic stress.
Even the bud structure of this variety is deceiving. The lengthy and lean buds would lead one to believe GMO Cookies is of the sativa variety, though patches of dark green and purple that swirl underneath a blanket of bronze pistils reveal indica genetics are most likely inside.

This is one of the few cannabis occasions to not judge a nug by its cover.
Indica Dominant
The strain was supposedly first introduced by Divine Genetics - however, and understandably, the phantom breeders are secretive about where they operate and how their proprietary strains were created. Operating prior to the country’s cannabis awakening, remaining underground is understandable, but this type of anonymity is the reason for most broken limbs on the cannabis lineage tree. It was eventually discovered that the strain was the product of crossing Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with ChemDawg – two of the most popular strains on earth. It’s like being born into royalty.