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Death Star Strain Information

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Death Star Strain Information

Despite its name, Death Star will not take you to the dark side. But be prepared, young Jedi: This strain ranks among the strongest strains in the world and can take your mind to the outer limits of creative thought, while leaving your body weightless.

Death Star is a cross between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, two of the most popular and beloved strains of cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. While its storied Sour Diesel genetics may frighten those sensitive to the speediness of a sativa, its Sensi Star genetics are so dominant, they cloak any negative characteristics of the Sour Diesel. This is a versatile strain that highlights the absolute best that each strain has to offer.

Death Star is a favored day strain for those experiencing chronic pain but who need to remain active. It’s also a favored after-work strain. The Sensi Star immediately slows down the aftermath of a stressful day, allowing for a transition into some early evening creativity without the instant fatigue often felt by mixing the end of a busy day with a pure indica strain. It can be surprisingly uplifting for an indica, but will usually allow for great relaxation and deep sleep.

The Death Star name is not only a contradiction to its positive medical and creative benefits, but to its aesthetic beauty. The buds are often bright green with purple hues running through the stems that fade into a universe of vivid orange hairs and thick resinous trichomes averaging around 18-26% THC.

Death Star’s pungent rocket-fuel smell is mixed with a subtle skunk, making it one of the strongest encountered. The smell often remains in the room long after the nugs have disappeared. The flavor is similar, but with an added lemon undertone.
Sensi Star
Sour Diesel
Death Star’s origins can be traced to a place not too far, far away, and certainly not traditionally known for its acceptance of cannabis: Ohio. Bred by ‘Team Death Star’, the indica-dominant masterpiece popped up in the early 2000s, eventually finding its way onto the pages of High Times magazine in a 2010 feature where it was finally brought to the attention of the mainstream cannabis market. It also appears on the magazine’s “strongest weed strains on earth” lists regularly.