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BAC-Si-Do Strain Information

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BAC-Si-Do Strain Information

BAC-Si-Do is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Berries and Cream (BAC) and Do-Si-Do.

The Berries and Cream strain is still pretty rare, but we do know it’s the indica-heavy offspring of Grease Monkey and Shishkaberry. A significant percentage of the strain’s various traits, particularly its appearance - which is reminiscent of the DJ Short Blueberry genetics handed down by the BAC parent.
The result of mixing Berries and Cream into your Do-Si-Do is a new style of dance. The upbeat Do-Si-Do slows to something closer to a sloth-like series of rocking motions - you and your dance partner leaning against each other as a means of maintaining solid footing.
Once it becomes more widely available, BAC-Si-Do will become a go-to strain for creative types – as it’s unbridled tranquility houses just a pinch of stimulating properties which allow your imagination to wander into dreamy and abstract areas.

BAC-Si-Do’s short-lived mind stimulation allows for brief seated focus, but a much longer stretch of creative introspection. Senses are heightened, adding further depth to music, art or whatever moves you. This is fleeting, as the heavy indica qualities quickly reign you in.

Similar to indica-dominant varieties like Grapefruit Diesel and Blunicorn, BAC-Si-Do’s
effects are anxiety-relieving opposed to sleep-inducing. Patients have reported the strain as an invaluable source of relief for those suffering with stress, depression, chronic pain, and migraines

BAC-Si-Do’ appearance is certainly awe-inspiring. The buds often appear emerald to dark green, with purple streaks running throughout. Its trichomes glisten like Christmas lights strung through a pine tree. Dark orange pistils curl up the side of the eye-catching beauty - insulated behind a heavy blanket of trichomes.
The strain’s fragrance is multifaceted with a ton of undertones. At first whiff, you’re first hit with the nose-tingling spiciness familiar to Do-Si-Do side. This is rapidly overtaken by sweet blueberry top notes likely inherited from DJ Short Blueberry genetics on the Berries and Cream side.
The terpene profile’s fragrance and flavor almost mirror each other, with the exception a far more refined blueberry earthiness that hugs your taste buds, followed by a tart spiciness handed down by its Do-Si-Do parent. Notes of sour citrus can also be detected, especially if using a flower vaporizer.

If you’re fortunate enough to cross paths with BAC-Si-Do, it’s a must try - even if only for its DJ Short Blueberry lineage.
Indica Dominant
Berries and Cream
Do Si Do
BAC-Si-Do is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Do-Si-Do and Berries and Cream.