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Elevate your at-home vibes this spring with weed delivery

LanternMarch 21, 2022

What’s your staycation style? Find the cannabis to fit your mood.

Spring is officially here, and while that means warmer weather, that also means unpredictable weather. (RE: April showers, May flowers. And in this case, flower too.) If you're looking to brighten the mood with a spring staycation, look no further than Lantern and cannabis delivery to bring the good vibes to your door.  

Thankfully, creating a dream staycation from your couch has never been easier: Our user-friendly site makes it simple to shop for products that can be delivered directly to your door for free. You can browse the latest and greatest vapes, concentrates, flower, edibles, accessories, and more from the top, local adult-use and medical dispensaries.

What's even better? Our one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use system allows you to comfortably shop a wide variety of cannabis products based on your desired mood, feelings, and effects. Whether you crave a creative and productive high or to chill and get some sleep, you'll find exactly what you want with several highly informative categories and filters. Our site even allows you to shop by specific goals like pain and stress relief, relaxation, increased appetite, focus, and more.

With so many choices, feelings, and information at your fingertips, the ideal staycation is a hit away. Ready to find it? If you're in the mood to wake and bake and enjoy a relaxing, clear-headed staycation from dawn till dusk, check out the chill or blissful strain recommendations. You can look to grab perfectly mild and mind-easing pre-rolls and flower to promote a motivated calm during daylight hours. You also won't want to miss out on cartridges with a Southern California flair to serve a giggly, mellow, body-melting haze perfect for pretending you're at the beach. Or vape pens packed and ready to keep you in a pleasantly comfy state of mind, snuggled up between your plushest pillows.

If you're craving more excitement and exploration, you might be a true adventurer, best suited for euphoric, energetic, or even talkative effects that infuse your body with an elevated, animated disposition and a sense of purpose. Browse potent mood-boosting products like sativa-dominant joints that will uplift your spirits and keep you perky and alert along with premium flower featuring lush aromas and rich flavors, which deliver focus and arousal. You'll also want to grab a stimulating sativa cartridge or disposable vape perfect for the daytime and getting things done.

Or if you're seeking some good old-fashioned me-time, make your staycation all about self-care. Check out filters for stress relief and relaxation, which span across categories from edibles to body-melting hybrids to soothing cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils for pain relief. Deliver your body the kind of holistic rest and stress relief it needs to recover from winter with expertly calibrated concentrates known to medicate and relax your entire being. No matter what you want to achieve during your off-hours, you'll find what you need to zero in on your feelings and create the perfect experience.

To order, simply enter your address and start filling your shopping cart. The price you see onsite is the same price you'd get at the dispensary, so you can be confident you're getting the best. With your vacay a click away, you can relax even before your Lantern delivery arrives – and relax knowing your products will be delivered on time, directly to your doorstep. When your products are on the way, you'll receive a text message 15 minutes before so you can be ready to collect your goods from a licensed, third-party courier with two delivery drivers. After that, the only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and begin your excellently curated staycation.

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