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Dread Bread Shatter Concentrate Shatter

Dread Bread Shatter

5(1 Reviews)

Dread Bread Shatter

Genetics: Colombian Mangobiche x Vintage Afghani Dread Bread is a 50/50 hybrid that delivers a trippy and relaxing sativa-esque rush. Fans say it’s the best thing since sliced bread for easing chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, and nausea. What are the common effects? Most consumers reported feeling relaxed, happy, creative, and chill. This isn't Grandma's peanut brittle. Shatter has a high THC concentration and is made by long purification cycles of the cannabis plant. This brittle concentrate is known for its therapeutic effects and helps you feel good without feeling silly. Shatter is ideal for dabbing (no, not like what all the cool internet kids are doing). Using the dab rig's "nail", heat the shatter. Once the shatter is hot, insert it in the dab rig, inhale deeply, and enjoy the flavor. *Disclaimer: Please note that the actual packaging may vary from what is displayed in the picture.

5(1 Reviews)
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