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Alien Rift Shatter Concentrate Shatter

Alien Rift Shatter


Alien Rift Shatter

Alien Dawg x Alien OG x Alien Abduction Trichrome-dense buds and a pleasant, lemony aroma deliver a laidback experience ideal for stress relief and pain reduction Flavor/Aroma: Herbal, Peppery, Piney All our concentrates start with high quality raw extract that has been winterized twice-over at -80C to remove all waxes and fats, resulting in some of the cleanest dabbing concentrates available. Our shatter is crisp, clear, and terpy. A classic concentrate favorite, we've taken to only turning select batches of extract into shatter in order to ensure only the lightest, clearest product carries our name. This isn't Grandma's peanut brittle. Shatter has a high THC concentration and is made by long purification cycles of the cannabis plant. This brittle concentrate is known for its therapeutic effects and helps you feel good without feeling silly. Shatter is ideal for dabbing (no, not like what all the cool internet kids are doing). Using the dab rig's "nail", heat the shatter. Once the shatter is hot, insert it in the dab rig, inhale deeply, and enjoy the flavor. Sanctuary provides the finest grade cannabis. Our products are organically produced and laboratory tested for safety, potency, and consistency and are distributed exclusively throughout our locations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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