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White 99 Flower Flower Sativa Dominant

White 99 Flower

5(5 Reviews)

White 99 Flower

About the strain: Well known breeder Tierra Rojo crossed the popular Cinderella 99 with the relaxing cultivar The White, resulting in a sativa dominant hybrid potently testing in the 30%’s. With a cheesy, earth menthol profile, this unique strain will elevate your mood and give you a nice energy boost. What are the common effects? Most users reported feeling relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric What is sativa-dominant flower? Sativa flower are known to generally be more uplifting and energetic strains that go well with daytime use (or night time, if it's that type of night). What do I need to consume flower? Your favorite pipe, bong, or rolling papers will do. About the brand: Only the finest flower makes it out of Cloud Cover's cultivation centers and into the hands of customers. State-of-the-art cultivation centers feature the most innovative and sophisticated technology and equipment. A team of seasoned experts nurtures each plant by hand, designing a customized nutrient and care program to ensure maximum quality and potency. *Disclaimer: Please note that the actual packaging may vary from what is displayed in the picture.

5(5 Reviews)
  • Mark.Verified Buyer01/15/21

    Made me feel really good you energy and no anxiety

  • CourtneyVerified Buyer01/13/21

    This has quickly become a personal fave and was very excited to enjoy it once more! This sativa is a beautiful bud to keep you lifted through the day.

  • MarloweVerified Buyer11/01/20

    Terrific. Never in my 67 years. Could I Have imagined...great...

  • KristyVerified Buyer10/23/20

    Exactly what I wanted for weekends working on house projects and cleaning. Just the right combo of relaxing and energy feeling!

  • Niqo DVerified Buyer10/04/20

    I had a terrific experience with Lantern. My package was delivered within the time frame I chose and it was a simple and smooth exchange. I’m definitely going to be utilizing this service often!