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1:1 Lemon Ginger Topical Salve Topicals Salves

1:1 Lemon Ginger Topical Salve


1:1 Lemon Ginger Topical Salve

Our Lemon Ginger Topical Salve includes even doses of CBD and THC to soothe both mind and body. Featuring a delightful lemon ginger aroma, it’s perfect for use on knees, joints, shoulders, the neck, or wherever else relief is needed. Made in collaboration with The Healing Rose, this premium Salve is created with 100% certified organic materials (including butters, herbs, and essential oils) to ensure a perfect texture. Cool and refreshing on application, the Lemon Ginger Topical Salve allows for remarkably consistent therapeutic effects. Lemon Ginger 1:1 Topical Salve is available in 1 oz. containers including 150mg each of CBD and THC. We recommend starting with a minimal application and then adjusting use based on experience. What is a topical? A CBD/THC topical is any cream, lotion, oil, or salve that’s infused with CBD and can be applied directly to the skin, where it penetrates both the dermal and subdermal layers to help with a range of issues.

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