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1 1/4 Bamboo Rolling Papers W/ Tips Accessories Flower Accessories Tips

1 1/4 Bamboo Rolling Papers W/ Tips


1 1/4 Bamboo Rolling Papers W/ Tips

OCB papers are one of the oldest cigarette rolling papers around, which means they've refined their process countless times. Burning smooth and slow, OCB has crafted the perfect blend of papers with Organic Arabic Gum. Pick your favorite OCB papers and choose whether you want them with tips or not, complete to your preference! The rolling papers made by OCB are known to be ultra thin and chlorine free. This helps with the slow burning process. These light natural brown OCB Bamboo 1¼" papers are 83mm and come with 26mm tips. Each 1¼" paper fits up to ½ gram of ground material. What is a filter? A Filter, or crutch, is typically rolled into the end of a pre-roll to make a better smoking experience by improving the airflow. While inhaling, the filter will block any tiny bits of cannabis from hitting the consumer's mouth and back of the throat. How to use? When rolling a joint, after sprinkling the cannabis into the paper, place the filter at the end of the paper and roll the filter into the joint. OCB Organic offers a 100% Natural Experience with only hemp grown and harvested on organic farms. Papers are unbleached and unrefined to provide their consumers with a genuine experience.

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