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RSO 1:1 Dart

ConcentrateRick Simpson Oil
RSO 1:1 Dart Concentrate Rick Simpson Oil

About this RSO 1:1 Dart

What is 1:1? 1:1 is a ratio of THC to CBD. This dart has equal proportion THC and CBD. What is Rick Simpson Oil? This syrup isn't for your pancakes. Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO) is an unrefined concentrate derived from cannabis flower using ethanol. This thick, syrupy concentrate's name comes from Rick Simpson, the person who developed it as a means to relieve pain. How do I use Rick Simpson Oil? Don't smoke this. Use it as a topical, a sublingual dose, or put it in a capsule. Who is Cannalicious Labs? Cannalicious Labs is a Michigan-based grower that focuses on cannabis concentrates. Think about it.

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