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Infused pumpkin spice latte 

Recipe: Cannabis-infused pumpkin spice latte 

Beth WaterfallSeptember 29, 2021

'Tis the season for the much-loved “Pumpkin Spice" blend of magical goodness to top or infuse everything from muffins to mac and cheese, and of course, lattes. While some javaphiles get all the kicks they need from a little pumpkin spice flavor enhancement in their cup of Joe, others like to kick their pumpkin spice experience up a notch with some herbal enhancement.  Find our favorite strains to pair with your PSL and the ultimate infused PSL recipe below – wake, bake and enjoy! 

Cannabis-Infused Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe


2 tbsp. pumpkin puree

2 tbsp. Vanilla extract

1 dose Infused MCT oil, infused butter or infused honey 

1 tbsp. brown sugar

1 tbsp. granulated sugar (omit if using infused honey) 

½ tsp. pumpkin pie spice

1 c. milk or milk alternative (oat milk, etc.)

¼ c. hot espresso or strongly brewed coffee (to taste - some like it strong!)

Dash of cracked black pepper 

Whipped cream, for serving. 


1. Prepare your pumpkin spice base for your latte. Using a stand mixer, stand mixer or whisk, cream together pumpkin puree, infused MCT oil / butter, pumpkin pie spice,black pepper and vanilla. Your infused ingredients should be well incorporated into the pumpkin, with the consistency of pumpkin pie filling. 

2. Heat your pumpkin spice base. In a small saucepan, heat pumpkin spice mixture over medium heat and cook, stirring constantly, until it's hot and smells cooked (~2 minutes) 

3. Stir in the sugars (inc. infused honey) and stir until mixture resembles a syrup-like consistency. 

4. Add the milk. Whisk in milk and warm, stirring often to make sure it doesn't boil over or burn. 

5. Blend or froth. With a hand mixer, milk frother or regular blender, blend mixture until frothy. 

6. Add Coffee. Pour hot espresso or coffee into a mug and add frothed pumpkin spice milk. Top with whipped cream, and sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. 


The PSL fun doesn't have to stop there. If you love pumpkin spice anything (or pumpkin spice everything), light your favorite pumpkin spice candle and explore these six sensational cannabis strains that can really level up your pumpkin spice latte experience:

Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies is a balanced hybrid cross between the popular AlienDawg and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It's known for its vanilla flavors and to be otherworldly for some, with relaxing, sedative effects that may launch others into a sleepy, couch-locked state with a massive case of munchies. Enjoy a bowl of Alien Cookies with an after-dinner pumpkin spice latte to help your mind and body ease into a relaxing evening of watching Charlie Brown and Linus get ready for the Great Pumpkin.


What goes better with latte than a crisp, nutty biscotti? The Biscotti marijuana strain, of course! This indica-forward hybrid of Gelato #25 and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) produces a sweet and spicy aroma that enhances any smoke sesh. Add your favorite pumpkin spice latte and you're in for a deliciously relaxing afternoon playing in the leaves. Find Biscotti here.

Green Crack

Crack open your day with the burst of energy and focus only Green Crack can deliver. Known for its uplifting effects, this established sativa strain is sought after by consumers and breeders alike and is widely available across the U.S. Try infusing some coconut oil with Green Crack and adding it to your coffee or latte for a rich and satisfying jumpstart to your day. Find Green Crack here.

HMK a.k.a. Hemlock

No need to call poison control when you ingest the 50/50 strain Hemlock, or HMK. Unlike its toxic namesake, this balanced hybrid reportedly makes consumers feel a wave of uplifting energy accompanied by a relaxing and relieving body buzz. Try Hemlock with your Sunday morning latte when you want to feel creative, focused, or ready to head outside for apple picking and raking up leaves. Find HMK/Hemlock here.

NYC Express

Get ready for a spicy, cerebral trip to the Big (pine)Apple with NYC Express… and your pumpkin spice latte, of course. NYC Express is an increasingly popular hybrid of NYC Diesel and Pineapple Express, two feel-good strains that make NYC Express a crowd-pleasing complement for a walk through Central Park or leaf-peeping in the Berkshires. Find NYC Express here.

Sour Cookies

Repair a sour morning by pairing your latte with this sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the popular Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Sour Diesel strains. Sour Cookies is known for its earthy, nutty flavors with hints of hash and sour diesel, making it a flavorful complement to your pumpkin spice-drenched palate. Start easy with just a puff or two for an energetic, uplifted, creative effect that will help you get things done, and maybe cut down on your Starbucks bill. Find Sour Cookies here.

You can also take your Pumpkin Spice obsession to new highs by infusing your baked goods with any of these strains, or another strain of your choosing, depending on your desired effects. Or, try sprinkling decarbed flower or kief right onto your latte or other pumpkin spice delicacies to really spice things up on a cool fall day. Just be sure to know your dose before you commit to an 8 enhanced-cup-a-day pumpkin spice latte routine.

Beth Waterfall
Beth Waterfall is a cannabis writer, marketer, advocate and consumer on a mission to break stigma against cannabis and the people who use or work with it. She has written for the Boston Globe, Ladybud, 1000 Watts, Freedom Leaf, and Cape and Plymouth Business magazines, and is a frequent speaker at cannabis industry, marketing, and community events. Learn more at