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Swamp Dog Moonwalkers Pre-Roll Pack Flower Pre-Rolls Pre-Roll Packs

Swamp Dog Moonwalkers Pre-Roll Pack


Swamp Dog Moonwalkers Pre-Roll Pack

A pack of seven (7) Swamp Dog, half gram pre rolls (3.5g total). Cultivated by Commonwealth Alternative Care. Produced by Freshly Baked Company. Swamp Dog is a hybrid from the prominent Chemgdog lineage. Bringing together Chemdog’s diesel-forward profile and notes of skunky citrus from Orange Blossom Trail, this cultivar is truly unique. It may provide a happy, cerebral lift and mood boost, accompanied by a relaxing, heavy body high that could become sedating for some users due to its indica-leaning parents Pre-Roll packs contain two or more joints. Enjoy multiple sessions yourself or share with a friend! How to use? Bring a flame to the tip of the pre-roll and inhale! Freshly Baked Company was founded in 2018 by disabled veterans Philip Smith and Jenny Roseman who found cannabis to be an effective way of managing PTSD associated with their service to our country. Philip is an Iraq combat Marine and Jenny was a 9/11 first responder at the Pentagon while in the Air Force. Motivated by their experience with cannabis, they aspired to start a company that could help others who suffer from PTSD.

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