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Butterstuff Pre-Roll Pack Flower Pre-Rolls Pre-Roll Packs

Butterstuff Pre-Roll Pack


Butterstuff Pre-Roll Pack

Butterstuff is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that provides a mellow yet giggly and euphoric high. With notes of butter cookies on the exhale, Butterstuff is an ideal strain for social gatherings or to help ease stress and anxiety The perfect everyday smoke, Ozone offers consistently delicious cannabis grown with care. Accessible to the seasoned connoisseur and canna-curious alike. *Disclaimer: Please note that the actual packaging may vary from what is displayed in the picture. Pre-Roll packs contain two or more joints. Enjoy multiple sessions yourself or share with a friend! How to use? Bring a flame to the tip of the pre-roll and inhale! The Ozone line offers quality cannabis products, with unique strains that have been pheno hunted and grown with care. Ozone offers high quality flower, flavorful vapes and tasty gummies. Accessible to the seasoned connoisseur and canna-curious alike, Ozone provides the perfect everyday cannabis experience.

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