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MTF Small Buds Flower Flower Popcorn Flower

MTF Small Buds Flower


MTF Small Buds Flower

MTF, also known as Matanuska Thunder F*ck and Humble Warrior, refers to premium marijuana grown in the Matanuska Valley. This Alaskan hybrid’s name celebrates its origins, from strains grown in Matanuska Valley’s grasslands. This strain smells like hot chocolate with fruit, the latter of which can dominate the taste. MTF's effects tend to come on slowly and then deliver a strong body buzz. Nantucket Nuggets are small & premium buds packaged in a 1/4 oz. jar. These nugs are approximately penny in size and can be easily ground up and enjoyed in a joint/ bowl or decarbed and used to make edibles with. It’s low price point makes it a great option for value seekers. Not much information exists on the genetics of MTF – and mainstream online resources describe its history and genetic makeup with conflicting theories. Its effects have been reported as centralized to the brain, making it great for creative focus and providing enough clarity to knock some items off the to-do list…if you feel so inclined. What are the common effects? Most users reported feeling euphoric, aroused, and energetic. What is Popcorn Flower? Popcorn Flower is smaller nugs that are typically priced cheaper at most dispensaries. The name is giving to them with bugs being sized of a popped kernel. What do I need to consume flower? Your favorite pipe, bong, or rolling papers will do. Inspired by the small yet premium island of Nantucket, these nuggets will have you living the high life for a low price. Each of these nuggets is roughly the size of a dime or a penny and will pack the same punch that you will find throughout or other Sira Flower selections!

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