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Granddaddy Purple PAX Era Pod Vape Pods

Granddaddy Purple PAX Era Pod

5(5 Reviews)

Granddaddy Purple PAX Era Pod

This renowned indica gets its large namesake from its parent strains, Big Bud and Purple Urkle. True to it's name, this dense purple bud will have users comforted, relaxed, and well fed, just like at grandpappy's house. What are the common effects? Most consumers reported feeling stress relief, appetite stimulation, and relaxed. Vape cartridges and pods are small, pre-filled units containing extracted cannabis oil designed for vaporization. PAX Era pods are designed for exclusive use with PAX Era devices, a premium pen and pod system offering built-in and app-based controls. How to use? Vape pods / cartridges offer users a range of benefits in a compact package. To use, simply attach your Pax pod to a compatible Pax ERA battery (sold separately), inhale, and enjoy!

5(5 Reviews)
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