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How to Pay with Hypur on Lantern

LanternJuly 11, 2021
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Making payments with Hypur on Lantern is simple, convenient, and secure. 

At checkout, simply select Hypur as your payment method! If you don't have a Hypur account follow the instructions below, if you do, skip to Step 3. 



Sign up and create a profile on the Hypur site


Link Your Bank Account

1.    Update the Hypur mobile app to version 1.2 or later

2.    Open the app or visit 

3.    Select 'Settings', then 'Payment Source' 

4.    Find your bank or credit union and log in using your online banking credentials (Hypur doesn't see or store this username or password) 

5.    Choose the checking account you want to link and click or tap continue 


How to Pay with Hypur

1.    Select “Pay with Hypur" when completing your order.

2.    When the courier arrives with your product, enter your Personal Access Code (PAC) to authorize the transaction. Note: This can be done on your phone using Hypur's safe checkout option for contactless payments.

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