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Wedding Cake Dart Pod Vape Pod

Wedding Cake Dart Pod


Wedding Cake Dart Pod

Wedding Cake is a hybrid with Indica-dominance. It is attained by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It gives an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavor. The taste is a perfect combination of the sweetness of cookies and the fruitiness of a cherry pie. What are the common effects? Most users reported feeling relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric. What are Pods? Pods are pre-filled units containing extracted cannabis oil designed for vaporization. Consumers opt for Pods to consume less smoke and plant matter. How to use? Pods offer users a range of benefits in a compact package. To use, simply attach to a compatible battery (sold separately), inhale, and enjoy! Please note: Dart Battery is sold separately. Distillate Ingredients: Cannabis distillate and natural food-based terpenes. Wedding Cake (Terpenes): Beta-Caryophyllene Limonene Alpha-Humulene Linalool Valcencene Myrcene Beta-Pinene Fenchyl Alcohol Alpha-Bisabolol Alpha-Pinene Alpha-Terpineol Terpinolene Camphene Delta-3-Carene Geraniol Trans-Ocimene Menthol Camphor Nerol Dart Battery Materials: Lithium battery, plastic, silicon, lead-free copper, SPCC, zinc alloy, PCBA, iron cobalt nickel alloy, electronic components. This product has been tested for contaminants, including Vitamin E Acetate, with no adverse findings. This product was produced using terpenes derived from sources other than cannabis. WARNING: Vaporizer Products may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled. Full testing results are available upon request.

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