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Lemon Apricot Distillate Pod

Lemon Apricot Distillate  Pod Vape Pod

About this Lemon Apricot Distillate Pod

THC9: 87.1% | Flower Equivalent: 2.65g Lemon Apricot -- THIS IS what happens when life gives you lemons. An Indica-dominant cross of Jungleboys Lemon and Lemon Orange Apricot F2, Lemon Apricot tastes as citrusy as the name (and lineage) would suggest, with earthy, spicy notes as well. So, what do you do when life gives you lemons in the form of depression, anxiety, or chronic pain? You find a potent strain and make the most of it. THIS IS distillate oil the way it was meant to be. -- Each Strane cartridge comes pre-filled with our own strain-specific distillate oil. It is made from cured quality flower, which is then distilled to produce the purest possible cannabis extract. All made with cannabis-derived terpenes (Liberty Cannabis). -- Only compatible with Pax Era devices.

  • Bill Frederick Verified Buyer12/10/20

    Very smooth smoking vape. Expensive, but I usually get 4-6 times more smoke time, usually lasting 1-2 days longer.