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Transdermal CBN Patch Topicals Patches

Transdermal CBN Patch


Transdermal CBN Patch

What are CBN Patches? They are patches that contain a measured dose of CBN, typically infused in an isolated solution, gel, or oil. The patch is combined with carriers and permeation enhancers, which help move the cannabinoids out of the patch and into your body. How to use? Just remove the backing and apply the patch to a clean area of the skin. Press firmly to ensure adhesion. Recommended application areas include bicep, inner wrist, or back of neck. What is CBN? CBN (cannabinol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that is created when THC ages. Most consumers report that when CBN is paired with THC it helps aid sleep. Other potential health benefits from consuming products with CBN include appetite stimulation and helps reduces inflammation. About the brand: Colorado-based Mary’s Medicinals creates accurately-dosed, natural pain relief products by combining cannabis with other plant medicines. Their patches are designed to cheat the first-pass metabolism and provide you with faster relief. They aim for global acceptance through the eradication of misinformation around cannabis.

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