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Behind the Bong: Meet artists from Salem glass blowing studio Witch DR 

LanternAugust 31, 2022

We know what you smoke matters. But how you smoke it – and the device of choice – should be just as magical. Our buds at Witch DR, a family owned and operated glass-blowing studio, second that belief. Their Salem, MA shop features hundreds of unique hand-made glass pipes along with live in-store glass blowing that lets customers experience the process behind the products.

Read on to meet and get pro tips from two of Witch DR's resident artists, Kevin Engelmann and Meag Chalmers. Meag is the talent behind our one-of-a-kind bong giveaway.

Witch DR created a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted bong for a Lantern giveaway (ended Sept. 2022).

What’s your favorite piece from Witch DR?

Meag: Really enjoyed the collab the studio did with local artist Evan Cals. It was a birch recycler with green accents that were masked off before I blasted it.

Artists like Meag use sandblasting, masking off negative space, to create custom designs on glassware.

Kevin: I can’t pick one piece. Witch DR represents thousands of different artists, some that are just starting out in their career and some that are really acclaimed. It's interesting to learn how they made that piece, how they decided to price, and where they drew inspiration from. Each piece is such a special moment in time.

Any “secret to bong shopping” tips?

Meag: Ask for a water test to see how it rips.

Kevin: It’s all about function; for many people function equals filtration. That can start at the bong slide, going into your downstem that would also have a series of holes (the holes help filter the smoke). [I suggest you] have an idea of what you are looking for. Do you want a big hit, something with a huge bowl? More filtration? To add ice or additional chambers? No matter the price range, you can find something that fits what you are looking for.

Who is a glass blower that you love?

Meag: Love a good Salt piece. Kevin Engelmann and the birch for sure too. Sarita does amazing work that I admire as well.

Kevin's artwork is deeply rooted in nature, including Birch Tech – making glass resemble trees by sandblasting the surface. Kevin's Birch Line is a fan favorite created exclusively for Witch DR.

Kevin: I’m truly inspired by the movement of all artists at the Witch DR, non-pipe makers, glassworks, and the history of glass across many different cultures – paperweight makers, old school Italian makers, contemporary lamp workers from Italy and Germany. The Blaschka’s, a father + son duo, created glass sculptures of common plants found in Europe, originally for research/studying purposes. They’re on display at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (!!).

What strain or product are you loving these days?

Meag: Strains with the terpenes caryophyllene or humulene have been really enjoyable for me. Lately I've been using Witch DR CBD cream for aches and pains and Healing Rose lip balm.

Kevin: I prefer an indica, sometimes sativa. Not strain specific – I pick my flower based on who the grower is. Small batch, organic weed, + homegrow all the way.

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