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Sundae Driver Live Rosin Concentrate Live Rosin

Sundae Driver Live Rosin


Sundae Driver Live Rosin

Blue River™ Signature Live Rosin is a single source, strain-specific Tier 1 connoisseur level solvent-less extract crafted from the plants highest grade of resin glands (5-6 Star / 73u-159u) harvested from flash frozen whole cannabis buds, utilizing GMPc ice water extraction standards and advanced mechanical separation techniques. Blue River ™ Signature Live Rosin offers a truly unparalleled farm-to-table authentic cannabis extract experience of the living plant. Live Rosin will vary in color from batch to batch based on cultivation environments, genetics, and resin gland maturity. Sundae Driver is a hybrid strain of Grape Pie and FPOG with a sweet and creamy flavor profile for a calm and happy boost, as sundae's often have! What are the common effects? Most users reported feeling relaxed, blissful, and uplifted. Live Rosin is what happens when you squeeze the best parts out of the cannabis plant's trichome gland (the part of the plant that produces the feel-good chemicals). Formed from the fresh sugars and flowers of cannabis plants, this product is flash-frozen to preserve flavor and experience. Live Rosin is a solventless concentrate that is extracted by using heat, pressure, or ice water. Live Rosin is high in THC and its consistency runs from flaky to gooey. Live Rosin is ideal for dabbing (no, not like what all the cool internet kids are doing). Using the dab rig's "nail", heat the rosin. Once the rosin is hot, insert it in the dab rig, inhale deeply, and enjoy the flavor. Blue River™ originated as the world’s first cannabis-derived terpene company aiding in the popularization of the word “Terps”. Blue River™ went on to popularize the art of “deconstructed” extracts through the development of its proprietary advanced mechanical separation technology, and award-winning signature exclusive trademark branded solvent-less products. Blue River™ has received over 59 Cannabis Awards for our innovative solventless technology, trademark branded products, and advanced patented formulations.

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