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Lemon Jeffrey Virgin Live Rosin Concentrate Live Rosin

Lemon Jeffrey Virgin Live Rosin


Lemon Jeffrey Virgin Live Rosin

Hand stirred and sifted to select the highest quality live hash. Freeze-dried to perfection and then gently pressed with subtle heat to release a robust, solventless live rosin with unparalleled flavor and effect. Lemon Jeffery is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Golden Goat with the potent Lemon Skunk strain. Lemon Jeffery flavor profile is lemon, ammonia, spicy/herbal, and the aroma can be sweet. Lemon Jeffery marijuana has been reported to induce energetic, euphoric, and creative feelings. Live Rosin is what happens when you squeeze the best parts out of the cannabis plant's trichome gland (the part of the plant that produces the feel-good chemicals). Formed from the fresh sugars and flowers of cannabis plants, this product is flash-frozen to preserve flavor and experience. Live Rosin is a solventless concentrate that is extracted by using heat, pressure, or ice water. Live Rosin is high in THC and its consistency runs from flaky to gooey. Live Rosin is ideal for dabbing (no, not like what all the cool internet kids are doing). Using the dab rig's "nail", heat the rosin. Once the rosin is hot, insert it in the dab rig, inhale deeply, and enjoy the flavor. At Harpoon Extracts, our small batch cannabis and extracted concentrate is grown in-house. Only the best material makes the cut.

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