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Vanilla Rehab Live Sauce Disposable Vape Pen Vape Live Resin Cartridge

Vanilla Rehab Live Sauce Disposable Vape Pen


Vanilla Rehab Live Sauce Disposable Vape Pen

What are live resin cartridges? Enjoy the taste of live resin in your cartridge! Formed from the fresh sugars and flowers of cannabis plants, this product is flash-frozen to preserve flavor and experience. Your personality's not dry and your cannabis shouldn't be either. The terpenes in live resin are lively and aromatic, just like you. What is a disposable vaporizer? Want to enjoy the convenience and discretion of a cartridge without needing a separate battery? Disposable vape pens, or all-in-one vape pens, are exactly that. They are single unit pens that include the cannabis extract along with the mechanics of the battery. How to use? Remove any covering from the mouthpiece, take a draw (hit), and enjoy!

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