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Melon Juice Hash Rosin Cartridge Vape Live Resin Cartridge

Melon Juice Hash Rosin Cartridge


Melon Juice Hash Rosin Cartridge

About Melon Juice: The indica-driven high is mostly physical, with calming, couch-lock effects, sleepiness, and intense hunger. That makes it a very useful tool in treating wasting and eating disorders, as well as insomnia and chronic pain. This strain has a fruity mango flavor, and it smells of watermelon. The buds are lime green with brown hairs. What is Rosin? Rosin is what happens when you squeeze the best parts out of the cannabis plant's trichome gland (the part of the plant that produces the feel-good chemicals). Rosin is a solvent-free concentrate. Rosin is high in THC and its consistency runs from flaky to gooey. How to use? Cartridges offer users a range of benefits in a compact package. To use, simply attach your cartridge to a compatible 510 threaded battery (sold separately), inhale, and enjoy! Rooted in Michigan, Pleasantrees cultivates the highest-quality cannabis so our friends can enjoy more of life’s pleasures.

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