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Fanta Shake

Fanta Shake Concentrate Kief

About this Fanta Shake

What is Fanta? Fanta is a hybrid strain of Platinum Gelato Chem and Agent Orange. Feel bubbly with this citrus-sour flower! What is Shake/Kief? This pollen won't make you sneeze. Keif is the sticky crystal you find on a cannabis flower. Kief is a resin gland that can be distilled to get a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids (the stuff that makes you feel good). You can use it as a garnish on your preferred cannabis or you can have it by itself. How do I use Shake/Kief? Use it to make hash. Use it to garnish your other cannabis. Press it into rosin. The world is yours! Who is Galatic Meds? Galatic Meds is a Michigan-based brand that provides out-of-this-world concentrates.

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