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Diamond Dust Kief Concentrate Kief

Diamond Dust Kief


Diamond Dust Kief

About the strain: Diamond dust is a hybrid which blends Sour Bubble and Matrix 2 to create a sweet and mildly citrusy strain. This is a good strain for unwinding but not melting into the couch, since reported common effects include feeling relaxed, yet functional. What is kief? This pollen won't make you sneeze. Kief is the sticky crystal you find on a cannabis flower. Kief is a resin gland that can be distilled to get a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids (the stuff that makes you feel good). You can use it as a garnish on your preferred cannabis or you can have it by itself. How to use? Use it to make hash. Use it to garnish your other cannabis. Press it into rosin. The world is yours! About the brand: Common Citizen is a Michigan-based lifestyle brand offering premium cannabis products to elevate your every day.

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