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The Mac x Pine Valley OG Infused Pre-Roll Flower Pre-Rolls Infused Pre-Rolls

The Mac x Pine Valley OG Infused Pre-Roll


The Mac x Pine Valley OG Infused Pre-Roll

MAC, or better known as Miracle Alien Cookies is a cross between Alien Cookies with Starfighter and Columbian. Offering floral and earthy aromas and orange flavors, this strain is perfect to relieve uneasiness and best to relax. What are the common effects? Most users reported feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric. What is an infused preroll? An infused preroll is a regular joint but filled with kief, hash, or another form of concentrate How to use? Bring a flame to the tip of the pre-roll and inhale! The product images shown may represent the range of product, or be for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. Sesh by Craft only uses full flower cannabis material that is handpicked from the finest growers in Colorado. Each product includes curated plant terpenes that enhance the strain-specific products. Sesh produces products such as wax, distillate cartridges, distillate syringes, and THC Wax Infused cones.

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