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Queso Perro Flower Flower Indica Dominant

Queso Perro Flower


Queso Perro Flower

A true Portland native, this relaxing indica was bred in the (503) in 2015 by yours truly, the team at Cloud Cover Cannabis. Combining the Dirk Diggler Stardawg with a 90’s classic UK Cheese, this crowd favorite provides a soothing relaxation perfectly curated for the end-of-day wind-down. What are the common effects? Most users reported feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric. What is indica-dominant flower? An indica-dominant flower can produce sleepy effects making the user tired. Indicas are great for bedtime. What do I need to consume flower? Your favorite pipe, bong, or rolling papers will do. Only the finest flower makes it out of Cloud Cover's cultivation centers and into the hands of customers. State-of-the-art cultivation centers feature the most innovative and sophisticated technology and equipment. A team of seasoned experts nurtures each plant by hand, designing a customized nutrient and care program to ensure maximum quality and potency.

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