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Ace's 3 Of A Kind Indica Blend Flower Indica Dominant

Ace's 3 Of A Kind Indica Blend


Ace's 3 Of A Kind Indica Blend

Wicked Fine Flower! Affordably priced and high quality. Ace Weidman's is a working person's weed. Inspired by the success of 90+ wine cellars, Ace Weidman's is a blend of high quality flower derived from pop-corn buds that are not quite big enough to be sold as premium flower. Made with a blend of the finest Indica buds from the Rev Clinics Grow. What is indica-dominant flower? An indica-dominant flower can produce sleepy effects making the user tired. Indicas are great for bedtime. A pre-roll is another description for a joint. The dispensary will roll the joint before you buy it, so all you have to do is light up. How to use? Bring a flame to the tip of the pre-roll and inhale! *Disclaimer: Please note that the actual packaging may vary from what is displayed in the picture.

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